All it takes is one session.
Working with clients is the best part of my job. Being able to help people move toward a life they want to create is rewarding and engaging. As a coach, nothing makes me happier than people who are becoming the best version of themselves. You will be amazed at what we can do in one session.
Erin is a very natural coach. She helps walk you through your thought processes so that you can reach your own conclusions rather than pushing you towards a pre-set outcome. When I called Erin I was struggling with knowing my purpose and which path would help create daily happiness for me. She asked many helpful questions and also helped me see that the only person who was creating limitations for me was myself. I would highly recommend Erin to anyone who feels stuck in their day-to-day life and needs to know how to get unstuck.
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Business Owner
Client Success Story
As a business owner, Jeremy was getting overwhelmed with all he needed to do. He had gone in the same circle multiple times of building up his clientele and losing them because he could not keep up. Jeremy posted online asking if someone knew a life coach that he could work with. Luckily, a mutual friend connected us and we have been working together ever since.
“Working with Erin has been fantastic!

My productivity has easily quadrupled or more.

My experience has been that Erin focuses a lot on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy—meaning that your thoughts lead to feelings and your feelings dictate your actions and productivity.

If you learn to change your thoughts, you can learn to change your actions. The work has been hard, but I am learning to be okay with the emotions that I feel, and working backward to find the thought that led to that emotion.
As a bonus, Erin is very friendly and easy to talk to. She seems to have a gift of asking the right questions and helping me to drill down to the root of the problem.

I have very much enjoyed my experience with Erin and have found her to be very beneficial to me and my company.”
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Business Owner
I had never used a coach outside of sports before. After floundering in my transition to working from home during the pandemic, however, I figured it couldn’t hurt to try working with a life coach.

Working with Erin has helped me in both my professional and personal life. Erin has provided objective and helpful feedback, as well as being an accountability partner when I’m working toward my goals. 
Brandon, Patent Attorney, Cyclist
I have been familiar with life coaching for some time but never thought I needed a coach because I was somewhat successful in coaching myself. Once Erin started coaching me though it was life-changing!

She can see things in me that I can’t and really digs deep to find the root of any issue I’m dealing with. I’ve been amazed that in just one session I can feel better about circumstances that have bothered me for years!

So many parts of my life have been transformed such as self-image, relationships, spirituality, and physical health.  I’m so grateful to have Erin as my life coach! 
Chantel, Mom of 5
I'm so glad I did the yearly planning with Erin, even though a lot of my plan has changed with getting a new job. But today I reached my year-end goal of hiring a cleaning woman for my house!  I said to my husband that with getting the job and a steady income, I wanted to do that by March, and he said, “why wait?”  SO - she starts Thursday!!!  If I hadn't planned that for 2022 I wouldn't have been aiming for it, so thank you!
LisaMom of 3
**Lisa completed her yearly planning session for 2022 in December 2021. I received this message on January 18, 2022.

You never how long it will take you to reach your year-long goals. 
I highly recommend Erin Woodruff for life coaching! She is approachable, accepting, and easy to open up to. She is great at giving a new perspective and problem solving with personalized attention. 
Erin is an incredible coach. Every minute I talked to her I felt empowered and loved. She is positive and encouraging, very attentive and so helpful. She gives me tools to adjust my mindset and focus on positivity. I love working with Erin and would highly recommend her!
Erin always makes you feel loved and equal no judgment just your potential! She helped me through the hardest and darkest times when I felt lost and unsure where to go and she still continues to do so!
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