Private Coaching

Undivided Attention.
Having a private coach is extremely rewarding. As my client, you have my undivided attention during our sessions. Being able to meet 1-on-1 allows us to really dive into the areas of your life that you want to improve. You get to ask questions, explore new ideas, and create possibilities in a distraction-free environment.

Personal Plan.
Private coaching with the same coach allows you to have a personalized plan for your life. As we work together, everything that we will focus on will be for your benefit. We will identify goals, make plans, and overcome obstacles that will all be specific to you.

Maintain Focus.
The most important thing I do with my clients is to help them maintain focus. It's easy to get distracted by new things, but as we assess the priorities you have for your life, I will guide and redirect you so you can be as efficient as possible. 
Everyone needs a place to vent, complain, and seek validation. I hope your friends and family empathize with you. I have those people in my life and it is important.

BUT, I also believe that you need a place to push yourself, set goals, and create the life you want. A place where you can face your biggest fears of a failing marriage and move through them.

Erin always makes you feel loved and equal no judgment just your potential! She helped me through the hardest and darkest times when I felt lost and unsure where to go and she still continues to do so!
As Your Coach, I Am Here To:
Provide Clarity and Direction
During our coaching sessions, I will ask you a lot of questions. This will allow for you to get very clear with goals and plans. You will have more clarity for your life and why you are engaging with the things in your calendar. As you have more awareness around where you are and where you want to be, I will be here as a support for you as you move forward.  
Give Unbiased Feedback and Support
I will always do my best to give you a completely unbiased opinion. Though this may be hard to hear at times, that is why you are working with me. As we explore your mind together in a non-judgemental space, I will point out limiting beliefs, thought errors, and underlying stories. I will also help you work through roadblocks and obstacles as they arise.  
Hold You Accountable and Keep You Honest
Just like a high school football coach, I am here to keep you honest and hold you accountable. I am here to help you leverage the power of your own mind to work for your benefit. As you learn to observe your thoughts and decide which ones are serving you and which ones or not, you will start to see massive changes in your life.  
12-Week Private Coaching Package

  • Unlimited Amount of Coaching Sessions
    • This is HUGE! Just one coaching session per week would change your life, but I want to make sure you are getting every piece of value you can possibly get during your time with me. 
    • Calls can be up to 25 minutes or as short as 5 minutes.

  • “Time Out” Communication
    • You know those moments when you're just stuck and can't move forward? Take a "Time Out" and communicate with me. We can communicate via email or Voxer. 

  • Access to Session Recordings
    • You can rewatch the major breakthrough moments you have during coaching calls and learn even more.
    • Sessions will be available for you to download after each session for a limited time. There is no pressure to record sessions if you do not want access to them. 

  • Membership Site Access
    • Video modules, worksheet, and much more makes it easy for you to learn at your own speed in between sessions. Not to mention, you will have lifetime access to the membership site! 

  • Time Management Strategies
    • Not all strategies work for the same people. My goal is to help you find which strategies work best for you. I will set you up for success so you can have all the tools you need when we're done working together. 

  • Mindset Tools
    • Lasting changes with habits won't happen if you don't have the right mindset. Along with time management strategies, I will teach you how to manage your own mind and your own time so you can walk away after 12 weeks with confidence and empowerment.
One time payment of $2,500
or three monthly payments of $900
(save $200 with the one time payment)
What People Are Saying
“Erin is a very natural coach. She helps walk you through your thought processes so that you can reach your own conclusions rather than pushing you towards a pre-set outcome. When I called Erin I was struggling with knowing my purpose and which path would help create daily happiness for me. She asked many helpful questions and also helped me see that the only person who was creating limitations for me was myself. I would highly recommend Erin to anyone who feels stuck in their day-to-day life and needs to know how to get unstuck.”
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Business Owner
“Being coached by Erin has been life-changing! She can see things in me that I can’t and really digs deep to find the root of any issue I’m dealing with. I’ve been amazed that in just one session I can feel better about circumstances that have bothered me for years! So many parts of my life have been transformed such as self-image, relationships, spirituality, and physical health. Thank you, Erin!”
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Mom of 5
“Erin is an incredible coach. Every minute I talked to her I felt empowered and loved. She is positive and encouraging, very attentive and so helpful. She gives me tools to adjust my mindset and focus on positivity. I love working with Erin and would highly recommend her!”
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Mom of 2
“I had never used a coach outside of sports before. After floundering in my transition to working from home during the pandemic, however, I figured it couldn’t hurt to try working with a life coach. Working with Erin has helped me in both my professional and personal life. Erin has provided objective and helpful feedback, as well as being an accountability partner when I’m working toward my goals.”
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Patent Attorney, Cyclist, Dad of 3
What do you do when you’re stuck?

Do you avoid? procrastinate? buffer?

Or do you give yourself a TIME OUT?

Having me as a life coach will allow you to communicate with me so you can push through those moments that are blocking you from moving forward.

Sometimes all it takes is a TIME OUT and a new perspective.
Stop holding yourself back.
Let's do this!

Stay in touch!