Frequently Asked Questions
Life Coaching
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What is a life coach?
A life coach is a person who helps individuals identify goals and overcome obstacles. They help you maintain focus when things get hard and unexpected events arise.

A coach can provide clarity and direction, help with goal setting, provide unbiased feedback and support, hold you accountable, and keep you honest.

Some areas of your life where you could benefit from a life coach are work performance, relationships, work-life balance, time management, communication skills.

As a life coach, I am here to help you leverage the power of your own mind to work for your benefit. As you learn to observe your thoughts and decide which ones are serving you and which ones or not, you will start to see massive changes in your life.  
What is the difference between a life coach and a therapist?

Therapy is for individuals who have a current situation or history of mental illness, trauma, addiction, or abuse just to name a few. Within therapy, there can be an official diagnosis given to an individual.

Therapy addresses traumatic events of the past to be able to create an avenue for healing.

In therapy, there is healing and growth that sometimes can come no other way. Therapy helps people go from a dysfunctional to a functional state of being.

In addition, therapy offers licensed professionals, medication, treatment, support groups, and programs.

I am a big believer in therapy. There are invaluable tools within therapy that you cannot get anywhere else.

Life Coaching 

Life coaching comes after therapy for many people. Life coaching is available to help individuals that are already functioning and want to go from functional to amazing.

While therapy will focus on events in the past, life coaching focuses much more on the present and future.

Life coaches are not licensed professionals and cannot prescribe medication and/or treatment. Because life coaching is not a regulated industry by a third party, there are many different approaches to life coaching.

In general, a life coach is a person who helps individuals identify goals and overcome obstacles. They help you maintain focus when things get hard and unexpected events arise.  
What are the benefits of coaching?
Having a coach can have a significant impact on your life. Here are some of the benefits of coaching:
  • Reduces procrastination. 
  • Positive behavior changes last longer. 
  • Increased creativity and flexibility. 
  • Improved performance. 
  • Making changes is enjoyable. 
  • Health and personal relationships improve. 
Why should I hire a life coach?
You might consider hiring a life coach for a few different reasons. Life coaches can cover a wide variety of topics. Here are a few examples:
  • You want to grow your business. 
  • You want to be a better parent/friend/child/co-worker. 
  • You want to build your self-esteem. 
  • You want to lose weight. 
  • You want to gain a new skill. 
  • You want to make more money or get out of debt. 
  • You want someone to believe in you.  
  • You want to have a better routine. 
  • You want to manage the thoughts in your mind.  
  • You want to stop a habit ex. overeating/drinking, binging TV/movies. 
  • You want to start a new habit ex. exercise, learn a new instrument. 
  • Etc.  
Private Coaching Sessions
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What should I do to prepare to meet with you?
All you need to do is show up. You need yourself, an environment where you can have complete focus, your phone/computer/tablet, and a stable internet connection.

Life coaching involves a willingness to learn, grow, and adapt. As your coach, I will be expecting you to be open to change so you can let go of the things holding you back in life. 
What services do you offer?
I offer a 12 week time management program. You can find all the information about this package here.

During each coaching call, we will review where you are at, how far you’ve come, and where you’re headed. We can address challenges, obstacles, and anything else.

My goal is that after 12 weeks, you have some of the tools you need to continue without me. If you would like to continue coaching, you can sign up for an additional 12 weeks.
What if I miss our appointment?
You will be responsible to communicate with me and reschedule your appointment. All appointment changes; scheduling, canceling, and rescheduling, will be done through Acuity.

To read more about scheduling policies, click here.
What is it like working with you?
Working with me is life-changing. I truly believe that. I am passionate about coaching and I treat my clients exceptionally. I will offer you endless amount of resources regarding time management, mindset, and planning.

I use metaphors, concepts, and a healthy dose of humor in my sessions. I am inviting, warm, and friendly. Our conversation will be intentional and results-focused so you can create the life you are wishing for. 
How can I start working with you?
Book a discovery call today! Let’s get started! 
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How much does it cost to work with you?
My coaching packages are $2,500 for 12 weeks. See the work with me page for more details.

Book a discovery call to discuss any other questions.  
I want to sign up, but that’s a lot of money. 
I get it. Especially if this is your first time investing in yourself this way.

What would you pay for a new phone, wedding ring, a car, or a vacation? Probably much more than the coaching package costs. We pay for the things that are important to us.

If you could finally create the family and home life you loved, if you could be the mom you want to be, if you could change the structure of your family forever, what is that worth to you? What if this one time investment could change your life forever?

Stay in touch!